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Setting up Bunkering Services Center in Assaluyeh
7/24/2017 4:17:44 PM

Farasakou Assaluyeh Company which is the owner of the specialized port terminal of Petroleum products, located adjacent to Assaluyeh international anchorage (western side of Pars special zone) as the largest port terminal exporting fuel oil by receiving the goods via trucks and from important export centers of NIOC.

Since last year ocean Bunkering operation to National Iranian Oil Company’s super tankers carrying Crude oil, Gas condensate to be exported from Assaluyeh region, Khark and adjacent water has been done by Farasakou Assaluyeh company.

This company in the current year by obtaining special license from National Iranian Oil Company because of lack of facilities and infrastructure in terms of providing ocean Bunkering services in the region, as the very first fully equipped bunkering services in the mid center of Persian Gulf, in order to meet our national duty and to respond to bunkering services applicants and presenting right prices, this company is providing these services to all the entering and passing through vessels.

If you would like to use these Bunkering services, please contact our Bunkering center in Farasakou

Tel: (+9821)88197804-7 Ext (120)

Fax: (+9821)88793978