Development Strategies

1. Oil terminal development by increasing in capacity and diversity of oil product storage, based on regional needs, loading/ unloading in the shortest time possible, Comply with the related standards, at the same time providing port services to vessels calling Farasakou oil terminal (Future plan jetties, tailored to the needs and market demand, With possibility of 6 million barrels of storage capacity, Seven berths and reach to 10 million tones Maritime capacity).

2. Business development by enhancing, with the aim of contributing refineries and petrochemical industries for export.

3. Fuel supply to all types of vessel in port and sea, considering around 300 sea miles from Fujairah as a nearest major bunkering services and lack of the same in Assalouyeh area which is a big potential bunkering market.

4. The potentiality for building Mid/Downstream petrochemical unit and small scale refinery plants with feeding of gas condensate and petrochemical by product, for export and producing of standard ship fuel oil through blending process.

5. Fuel distribution services onshore and at sea (offshore platforms) due to potential and oil terminal facilities.

6. The potentiality for creating shops for periodic and overhaul repairing refineries and petrochemical equipment, and revenue from services and rent facilities. Due to lack of such facilities in the region (now the equipment for the maintenance all transferred to Jebelali in the UAE).

7. The potentiality for port and terminal services to Siraf refineries project (8 refineries) 15 Km in the west of Farasakkou port.