Company & Port Facilities

· Ownership of over 50 acres of land in the west side of pars special economy energy zone.

· 1100 meter width shoreline.

· Established 1400 meter of breakwater.

· Having stilling basin with an area of 54 Acres.

· Two berths with depth of 11 and 15 meter and length of 215 and 325 meter.

· Eight storage tanks with capacity of 320 thousand barrel.

· Installations and pumping stations in order to transfer products from tankers to Storage tanks and vice versa with 40 tankers offloading with pumping stations Transferring products from tankers to storage tank and viceversa with the station in Being developed to reach the capacity of 1200 m3 per hour.

· Existence of fire extinguishing system to meet oil and gas standard s.

· Existence of infrastructure facilities for water, electricity, gas and telecommunication network.

· Existence of heating facilities for products in the storage tanks products in the storage tanks and H.O.P pipe lines.